Date: March 9, 2024
Time: 5:30pm
Location: Peoria Zoo

SOLD OUT! Murder Mystery: Bad Luck of the Irish at the Irish Wake

Welcome friends, family, and acquaintances of Patrick O’Reilly. Sadly, our beloved Patrick suddenly and unexpectedly passed away very recently. But in true Irish fashion, this is not to be a somber occasion but rather, a party to celebrate his life! Those who knew him well, would know that the only thing bigger than Patrick’s heart was his sense of humor and the pint in his hand. So, let’s celebrate Patrick’s memory and accomplishments! But beware, a lot of blarney is going about and before the end of the night, more than just green beer will be spilled!

Must be 16 years and older to attend. Please call 309-681-3507 with any questions.

Tickets are $40/person.

Purchase tickets here or call the Peoria Zoo 309-681-3507.


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