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Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers!

Per Park District ordinance, in general, alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted in any parks. However, with advance Park Board approval, certain special events may receive exception to this policy.

In keeping with the Americans with Disabilities Act, recreation programs offered by the PPD are available in the most integrated setting possible to facilitate program participation. The PPD will make reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities who meet essential eligibility requirements for the desired program.

Coolers are NOT allowed at any RiverFront events. This includes events at the CEFCU Center Stage at the Landing. You may bring coolers/picnics to any public park, although alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed.

Dogs are allowed in Park District PARKS except our Illinois State Nature Preserves,* provided they have current shots and are kept on a leash at all times.

Only service dogs are allowed in other District facilities and buildings.  These include Peoria Zoo and Luthy Botanical Garden.  When you bring your dogs to a Park District park or facility, please be courteous and pick up your pet’s waste.

Please be aware that some parks, such at Detweiller Park, host races for outside organizations. Many race organizers prohibit spectators from bringing in dogs during a race in case they get loose and chase the runners. Please ask your race organizer for details.

PLEASE NOTE: Dogs are NOT allowed at Forest Park Nature Center or Singing Woods, as they are dedicated nature preserves. Also, portions of Robinson Park and Detweiller Park are dedicated nature Preserves.

The Peoria Park District has designated Vicary Bottoms, (a section of property off Kickapoo Creek Road, north of Farmington Road, 2000 N. Kickapoo Creek Road), as a dog exercise area. It is open sunrise to sunset. It is highly recommended that this area be used only by well-trained dogs and their handlers as this area is not fenced.

There are two dog parks in Bradley Park. The lower Bradley Park dog park (south entrance off of Park Road), is a fenced facility and includes dog water fountains and trash stations and welcomes well-behaved dogs 4 months and older. The upper Bradley Park dog park (northwest of the lower Bradley Park dog park), is also a fenced facility that welcomes well-behaved dogs 4 months and older.

In an effort to minimize the potential conflict of park users, the list below designates specific flying sites for unmanned aircraft systems (drones, quad copters, etc.) for recreational usage only.

  • Altorfer Tract
  • Detweiller Park – Soccer Fields
  • Donovan Park
  • John Gwynn Park – Soccer/Baseball Field Area
  • Charter Oak – Soccer Field
  • Galena Marina
  • Sommer Park North – Meadow Area


  • The unmanned aircraft must weigh three (3) pounds or less.
  • The unmanned aircraft must have a wingspan or rotor diameter no greater than 3 feet.
  • Flight shall be restricted over designated Park District sites only.
  • The attachment of anti-personnel devices (projectile, chemical, electrical, directed-energy, explosive, and firearm) is prohibited.
  • Flights must be below fifty (50) feet and remain clear of surrounding obstacles.
  • The operator must maintain a visual line of sight of the unmanned aircraft at all times with vision unaided by any device other than corrective lenses.
  • Flight is prohibited near or over people.
  • Flight is prohibited near or over animals.
  • Daylight operations only.
  • Careless or reckless operation is prohibited.
  • Operator and unmanned aircraft system must adhere to all Federal, State, local, and FAA regulations and laws.

PLEASE NOTE: unmanned aircraft systems being used for commercial purposes are not “recreational” and may not be used without a special permit issued by the Peoria Park District.  Approval for a special permit will be determined on a case by case basis.  Please call (309) 682-1200.

Commercial Drone Administrative Procedure
Commercial Drone Permit

Full time, part time, and seasonal job openings are posted on our website. All applications must be submitted on our website.

The Peoria Park District hires without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, military status, pregnancy, unfavorable discharge from military service, or disability. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply.  AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.

Fishing is allowed year-round at the Glen Oak Park Lagoon, Donovan Park, Charter Oak Park, Northtrail Park and Sommer Park North. Please note, catch and release only, unless otherwise posted at the site.  You must have a fishing license. Fishing is not allowed at any other Peoria Park District property unless as part of a Peoria Park District program.

The Peoria Park District has stored value gift cards that may be purchased for use at any of the Golf Courses, Aquatic Centers, Recreation Centers, RiverPlex Recreation & Wellness Center, Peoria Zoo, Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum, Luthy Botanical Garden, Owens Center, etc. The card may be programmed to store any amount, i.e., a Golf Pass, a RiverPlex membership, a PlayHouse membership, a season of camp, or whatever programs, events, or activities you desire. Gift cards may be re-loaded for future added convenience. Gift cards are available at most Peoria Park District locations. At this time, gift cards cannot be purchased online or mailed.

There is an unsupervised public mini bike area located on Galena Road. It is open sunrise to sunset. While there, please abide by the following restrictions:

  • Mini bikes must be 100cc or less
  • ATVs, snowmobiles and go karts are prohibited
  • Please exercise courtesy and use caution at all times. This is a hazardous activity.

Mountain biking is allowed on designated trails only at Kinsey Park (located on Rt. 8 west of Peoria). Click the button below to view a trail map via our PPD Partner, PAMBA (Peoria Area Mountain Biking Association.) 

Formerly Resident/Non-Resident, these terms refer those individuals that are within the Peoria Park District boundaries. In some cases, you may also see an M. This refers to the fee Members (of a certain facility) pay to participate. To determine if you are in-district or not, check your latest property tax bill. If you pay taxes to the “Pleasure Driveway and Park District of Peoria” then you are considered in-District.

The Park District must receive a written request to drop or transfer at least 2 business days in advance of the first program meeting. No refunds will be issued after that time. A $5 service charge is made for each session dropped or transferred. SUMMER CAMP REFUNDS are a bit different. Please consult your registration information on Summer Camp Refunds.

The Bonnie W. Noble Center for Park District Administration is located at 1125 W Lake Ave (the former Lakeview Museum) in Lakeview Park. It is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. You can register for classes during this time. Online registration is also available.

Programs have minimums and maximums, and are filled on a first come, first served basis. The Peoria Park District (PPD) reserves the right to add, omit, or change any/all of the program provisions (including advertised fees and charges) outlined in this brochure when deemed in the best interest of participants. Changes may also be made due to circumstances that are beyond our control. The PPD reserves the right to modify, postpone, or combine programs, or change instructors. If the PPD cancels a program, you will receive a full refund. Before buying supplies, check three days before the start date to make sure class will run.

This outdoor concert area has park benches and chairs available. It is a tiered seating area so each level is able to see over the one ahead of it (like an amphitheater. You may also bring in your own lawn chair as well. Seating is on a first come – first serve basis for all concerts and events.

Scholarships are awarded to those living in-district only on the basis of financial need. Applications can be obtained by visiting any Peoria Park District facility, or by clicking the button below. Required supporting documentation is listed on the application, and must be returned in person, along with the completed application, to one of the locations listed on the form. Further questions may be answered by calling 682-1200.

Skateboarding is permitted in two designated areas in the District. Becker Park has a “skate trail” and skate node, and Sommer Park also has a skate node. The Park District skating offerings are focused on “street” style skating at a beginner and intermediate recreational level. Please read the rules before you go, as your safety, and the safety of other park users is paramount to us.

The Becker Park skate node has a prefabricated quarter pipe, bank ramp, pyramid box, and grind rails, all on a concrete surface. Skating is also allowed on the path to the node.

Sommer Park contains a quarter pipe, concrete grind box with different levels, a transition ramp to wall, a grind rail with 4’ drop and a mock stair/ramp with sloped grind surfaces at different heights.


  • CAUTION – Inline skating and skateboarding are high-risk recreational activities with inherent risks of serious injury.
  • These areas are intended for skateboards and in-line skate use only. Bikes and scooters are not allowed.
  • These areas are unsupervised. Skate at your own risk.
  • Users must abide by the rules at all times.
  • Have fun, respect others. Share the space. Be respectful of other riders.
  • Helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads are REQUIRED.
  • Falls are likely to occur and can result in sprains, bruises, abrasions, and more serious injuries.
  • Ride within your own ability.
  • No glass containers or alcoholic beverages.
  • Please throw away your trash in the proper receptacles.
  • No personally owned ramps, boxes, or other devices may be used in this facility.
  • Skating is allowed in these parks only where specifically signed.
  • Skaters are responsible for inspecting equipment prior to use to ensure it is safe for skating. Do not use past dusk, or when wet or icy. Do not use equipment if broken. If hazardous conditions are present, contact the Park District immediately at 682-6684, or 682-1200.
  • Swearing, fighting, and bad attitudes will not be tolerated.
  • Failure to follow the above rules may result in the ejection from the area by Park District personnel. Continual abuses of these rules may result in the removal of the skate equipment.

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