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Whether your child is a little tot or a high schooler, the Peoria Park District has programs that will educate and entertain!  From Preschool and Homeschool programming to drop-in programs for children of all ages to nature exploration, the Peoria Park District is the place to be. 

DREAMOut of School Program at Proctor Recreation Center is just what you have been waiting for! A program that has everything in one place so that your child can experience It all. Drama, Recreation, Education, Arts, Music, and Mindfulness. We will help with homework in addition to all of these great services listed above! This program is for children in grades 1-12. Sessions are weekdays from 2:30-6pm.

Join us to create new worlds at the PlayHouse! Dungeons & Dragons. In each 5-week session, kids create characters and go on grand adventures in a world that they have a large part in shaping. They will be having so much fun they won’t even know that they are building important social-emotional skills, including teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking.

Would you thrive in the Illinois winter if you were to get lost or stranded? Join our naturalists as we put your skills to the test and learn some new skills along the way. Learn skills like shelter-building, finding fresh water, and more!

PlayHouse Maker Programs are designed to be open-eneded and process based. We don’t tell children what to make; figuring out what to make is part of the learning process and part of the FUN! Kids and families learn to use tools, experiment with different types of making, and think creatively in PlayHouse Maker Workshops. These workshops are monthly, most often on the first Saturday of the month, and require registration.

PlayHouse Real Tools Programs teach children out to use tools safely and how to select the best tools for the job. Real Tools at the Noble Center is even bigger and better than our original PlayHouse space! Join us on select Saturdays to exercise your creativity as a family. Make whatever you want or ask our fantastic staff for inspiration.

Join the Family Nature Club at Peoria Zoo for unforgettable moments of wildlife discovery and family fun! Immerse yourselves in the wonders of nature through engaging activities, guided tours, and interactive experiences designed for all ages. This club fosters a love for wildlife and conservation. Connect with like-minded families, create lasting memories, and inspire a sense of environmental stewardship in your children.

Zoo Homeschool

Science has never been more exciting, with up-close animal encounters, tours, experiments and more. Each month is a new topic and helps to meet state standards.  Click the button below to learn more about homeschool programs at the Peoria Zoo.

Homeschool at the PlayHouse

Join us for an interactive homeschool classes where children will explore topics related to STEAM, the human body, nature topics and so much more! Please click here for dates, topics and to register online.

Nature Classes for Home Learners at Forest Park Nature Center

Discover our natural world with Forest Park’s biologists! Participants should be prepared to spend at least half of our class time outside as we explore different features of our local environment.

Come create art with us at the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum! Join us each week to explore how illustrators bring imagination to life through various artistic processes. Each month features a different theme.

Parent Baby Social at the PlayHouse

This program focuses on parents and their babies, from birth to 12 months, giving them a place to gather and enjoy casual conversation with fellow parents while their little ones play. Guest speakers from partner organizations will lead discussions and activities related to infant growth, and development. The goal of this program is to support YOU as parents, and we invite you to both join and tell us how this program and community groups can best help you!

Tot Time at the PlayHouse

Who doesn’t love learning while playing?! During this program for children 1 to 4 years of age and their grown-ups, children develop language, small motor skills, and social skills while engaging in hands-on exploration. Each class includes songs and musical instruments, a read-aloud story, time for play, and a visual art activity. Look for a different theme each week!

Motor Mites at Lakeview Recreation Center

A toddler & preschool open play time in the giant gym at Lakeview Rec Center! Let your little one jump, crawl, roll, slide and climb to their heart’s content on safe, soft mats designed with toddlers in mind. There will be balls, scooters and other items for the kids to imagine and play with, too. Motor Mites in a drop-in class. Click the button below to find out current dates and times this program is being offered by navigating to Current Programs on LRC’s page.

Preschool Party

Come party with the PlayHouse at different locations throughout the Park District! This program is especailly for our younger friends that are pre-school aged. Discover our world through maker and S.T.E.A.M. activities, movement activities, and stories. This program is for preschool-aged children and their caregivers. Dress for messes and movement!

The Peoria Park District offers a number of different scouting programs and many of our facilities. Click the button below for more information on all the scouting programs we offer across the District.

Join us at the PlayHouse for a fun, sensory-friendly night with dimmer lights, less noise, and sensory toys. Open to children of all needs and abilities, and their families. Sensory Packs with noise-canceling headphones, fidget toys, sunglasses, and other materials are always available at the front desk.

Zoo Snooze

The Peoria Zoo Snooze is an exciting overnight program that offers a unique and immersive experience for participants. This sleep-over adventure takes place at the Peoria Zoo and includes a night-time tour, providing a magical opportunity to witness the zoo’s inhabitants in their nocturnal habitats. As part of the Zoo Snooze experience, attendees will have the chance to enjoy interactive games that add an element of fun and excitement to the night. To enhance the overall experience, the program includes a light breakfast the following day, allowing participants to wrap up their unforgettable night at the zoo. The Zoo Snooze at Peoria Zoo is a fantastic way for individuals or groups to connect with wildlife in a unique and memorable way, creating lasting memories and fostering a deeper appreciation for the animal kingdom.


Experience the wonders of the wild without leaving the comfort of your school or facility with our Zoomobile program! Simply make a phone call, and our team of animal ambassadors will embark on a journey to bring the zoo directly to your doorstep. Through engaging activities, hands-on experiences with biofacts, and captivating up-close animal encounters, we aim to seamlessly integrate the fascinating world of wildlife into your learning environment. Our diverse range of programs is tailored to cater to all age groups, ensuring an enriching and educational experience for everyone involved. By aligning our content with State Standards, we strive to make the learning experience not only exciting but also curriculum-friendly. Whether you’re looking to inspire young minds or captivate a more mature audience, the Zoomobile promises an immersive adventure that sparks curiosity and promotes a deeper understanding of the animal kingdom. Make the call and let the magic of the zoo unfold in your own space!”

Looking for swimming, dance, ice skating and other sports programs, check out the Youth Sports and Fitness page by clicking the button below.

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