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Discover the thrill of hockey and ice skating with the Peoria Park District at Owens Ice Center! Owens Ice Center features two, full-size NHL rinks which offers the perfect icy playground for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, our programs and open skate sessions provide endless opportunities to enjoy the ice. Come feel the rush of gliding on ice or take part in the fast-paced world of hockey. Owens Ice Center is where icy fun and excitement come together!

Experience the thrill of hockey at Owens Ice Center! Join us for an exciting journey of teamwork, skill-building, and unforgettable moments on the ice. Start your hockey adventure with the Peoria Park District today! Below you will find descriptions of programs offered throughout the year. Click on “Current Youth Programs” to see what’s being offered now.


Our youth hockey clinics are designed to teach the fundamentals, enhance skills, and foster a love for the game in young athletes of all levels. Whether your child is a beginner or looking to sharpen their abilities, our clinics provide a supportive and fun environment. Click on “Current Programs” to see our upcoming clinics and join us on the ice for an exciting experience!

Hockey Prep • Ages 3 – 6

A hockey class geared toward Mini-Mite players or soon to be Mini-Mite players. The curriculum will include skating, agility, stick handling, passing, shooting, and game concepts. Full equipment is required. PREREQUISITE: Completed one season of PYHA Mini-Mites or pass Skating Stars 1 & 2.

Intro to Hockey • Ages 3 – 13

After learning the basics of hockey, move onto this class to begin putting those skills into practice. This class is offered during the spring and requires completion of Skating Star Level 2 or Super Skates Level 1.

Equipment required: HECC certified hockey helmet with mask, shin pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves, athletic cup and supporter, and hockey stick.  Recommended equipment includes hockey pants and shoulder pads. Skate rental is included in the fee.

Discover the thrill of adult hockey programs at Owens Ice Center. Hockey isn’t just for kids – it’s a sport for all ages! Join our community of adult players, sharpen your skills, and enjoy the camaraderie of the game. Experience the joy of hockey at any stage of life with us.

Adult Hockey League

This NO CHECK and NO FIGHT league is for anyone age 18 and above.  Play is based on a combination of USA Hockey and Owens Center Adult Hockey League rules.  Offered winter and summer.

3 on 3 Adult Hockey League

This 3 on 3 cross-ice league will consist of 6 players and a goalie. Two games will be scheduled on each date your team plays.

Adult Rat Hockey

Rat Hockey is a drop-in session for adults to scrimmage with other players and play hockey to keep in shape! Please reference the monthly Developmental Hockey Session Schedule for times.

Adult Coed Clinic

In this program, program participants will concentrate on specific skills with specialized attention to power skating, stick-handling, passing and shooting. Clinic sessions are offered during the spring and will focus on skills needed to become more proficient and complete hockey players.

Glide into fun at Owens Ice Center! Our rink welcomes all ages to embrace the grace and excitement of ice skating. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced skater, our facility offers a perfect setting for enjoying this timeless activity. Join us for a fantastic ice skating experience today! Scroll down to see youth and adult programs.

Skating Stars and Super Skates • Ages 3 – 15

Whether your child wants to play hockey, figure skate, or needs a FUN activity, Skating Stars and Super Skates are the places to start.  Skating Stars is comprised of 3 levels that teach the fundamentals of skating through on-ice games tailored for children ages 3-6.  Super Skates offers an in-depth 10-level curriculum for beginners through advanced recreational skaters ages 7-15.  Owens Center also offers a one-time only enrollment for a 4-week skating session for both Skating Stars and Super Skates during our fall, winter, and spring sessions.

Booster Lessons • Ages 3 – Adult

Receive help on new skills or reinforce difficult skills with private instruction from a member of our Booster Staff. Must be enrolled in current group skating lesson to participate.

Youth Jump & Spin • Ages 3 – 15

Learn the jumps, spins and connecting moves necessary for freestyle tests. The 10-level program takes skaters from beginner jump & spins to mastering an Axel and having knowledge of all the spin positions. Requires promotion from level 9.

Advanced Figure Skating • All Ages

Instructed by professional staff, classes are held seasonally and are designed to meet the needs of advanced skaters with focus on moves in the field, jumps, spins, and ice dance. Offered by invitation only.

At the Peoria Park District, ice skating fun isn’t just for kids, but for adults too!  Whether you want to sharpen your skills or are learning to skate for the first time, the Park District has an adult ice-skating class for you! For more information or to see skate schedules, visit the Owens Ice Center page.

Adult Skating Lessons

Do you want to learn to skate and don’t know where to start? Let the Peoria Park District help! Try our adult skating lessons and gain the fundamental skills needed to excel. These classes are open to anyone age 16 and over. These classes are offered at the same time as our Skating Stars and Super Skates programs so you can learn at the same time your child. Skate rental is included in the cost of all lessons.

Adult Jump & Spin

Learn jumps, spins and connecting moves necessary for freestyle tests. This 10-level program takes skaters from beginner jump & spins to mastering an Axel and having knowledge of all the spin positions. Prerequisite: Completion of Adult Level 10. This class is open to anyone age 16 and over.

Peoria Youth Hockey Association (PYHA)

Peoria Youth Hockey Association exists to promote the growth of ice hockey in the Peoria area by encouraging, developing and administering the sport. PYHA endeavors to develop and prepare players and coaches to achieve optimal performance at all levels while providing essential information, quality instruction and a positive experience through participation in the program.

PYHA Offers:

Travel & House League Hockey

Pre-Season Conditioning

Used Equipment Sale


Heart of Illinois River City Gems (Synchronized Skating)

Interested in joining a synchronized skating team? HOI’s River City Gems welcomes new skaters each season. All levels are encouraged to participate. Practices are held throughout the week. Visit the HOI’s River City Gems website for more information.

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