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Seasonal Closures

The seasonal opening of outdoor public park restrooms will begin today (4/11/2023).  We hope to have all restrooms open by Mary 1, 2023.

Laura Bradley Park Sanitary District Project

The Greater Peoria Sanitary District has a project underway within Laura Bradley Park to repair a major sewer line serving the Uplands. Severe storms over the last few years have exposed and damaged the sewer pipe where it runs along and under Dry Run Creek. Several manholes are being replaced, and the sewer piping will be armored with concrete to protect the pipe from future storm damage.

Because the sewer pipe runs along the creek, there will be significant tree clearing needed to access the pipe. The Greater Peoria Sanitary District and the Peoria Park District regret the loss of these trees, but both agree that the consequences of this sewer failing would be a much greater public health issue.

This project is still in progress, so please be aware of construction traffic when walking or driving to the dog parks.