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Vendors & Contractors

Peoria Park District has several vendor  and contractor opportunities available throughout the District.  It is the focus of Peoria Park District staff and board to ensure that those we serve and those we work with look like the residents of our community.  As such, it is a priority of the District to encourage maximum participation of minorities and women on Park District contracts, bids and vendor opportunities, regardless of the size of the contract, bid or vendor opportunity.  District staff and trustees are committed to working together to improve current participation rates at all levels.


The Planning Division of the Peoria Park District provides (1) inventory and analysis of existing park facilities, (2)construction project design and management, (3) conceptualization, design development, and cost estimation, (4) graphics and maps in support of grant applications and Board directives, (5) support service to other facilities and departments throughout the District, (6) archival service of past construction specifications and drawings, (7) product, equipment, and material information, research, and specification, (8) facility and property masterplanning, and (9) coordination with other local government planning agencies.

  • If you are a contractor who is interested in construction projects, CLICK HERE.

Peoria RiverFront and Peoria Park District Food Vendor

Peoria Park District hosts many festivals, concerts, and special events at the Peoria RiverFront, as well as many youth leagues and exercise activities throughout the parks located in the District. Food vendors must complete a food vendor application.

  • If you are interested in becoming a food vendor with Peoria Park District for RiverFront Events and other opportunities, click here!

Purchasing Department Vendors

The Pleasure Driveway and Park District of Peoria, Illinois utilizes a vendor list of firms or individuals who express interest in being notified of particular types of services, equipment, supplies, or materials which the District seeks to purchase.

Any interested person or firm can ask to be added to this list by writing or faxing the following:

Nicole Staley, Purchasing Supervisor, Peoria Park District, 1125 W. Lake Avenue, Peoria, IL 61614   |   Phone: 309/686-3357     |    Fax: 309/686-3388

The inclusion of a firm or individual on the list shall not constitute any pre-qualification for bidding or release in any fashion on the firm or individual from meeting any and all requirements set out in a particular bid, contract, quotation, or proposal. This list is solely for the purpose of supplementing the advertisement or notification requirements otherwise used, in order to avoid even the appearance of favoritism or lack of fair competition in the District’s purchases.

The categories presently in use include  (1) Supplies (including groundskeeping, janitorial, sporting goods, golf, pool, etc.) and (2) Equipment (including autos, machinery, etc.)

The Peoria Park District is an AA/EEO organization and encourages participation by minority-, female-, and handicapped-owned firms.

  • If you are interested in becoming a vendor with our Purchasing Department, CLICK HERE.

Bids or Proposals

The District is an AA/EEO Organization.  Bidder agrees to meet the Peoria Park District’s minority participation goals.  Lowest responsible bidder not meeting the Park District’s goal of 12% for minority/women participation, must provide proof of efforts made in contacting an adequate number of minority and women owned firms and/or labor.

Purchasing Forms

Click here to visit the Illinois Department of Labor’s website to access the Certified Transcript of Payroll Portal.