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DRONES – Are they allowed?

In an effort to minimize the potential conflict of park users, the list below designates specific flying sites for unmanned aircraft systems (drones, quad copters, etc.) for recreational usage only.

  • Altorfer Tract
  • Detweiller Park – Soccer Fields
  • Donovan Park
  • John Gwynn Park – Soccer/Baseball Field Area
  • Charter Oak – Soccer Field
  • Galena Marina
  • Sommer Park North – Meadow Area


  • The unmanned aircraft must weigh three (3) pounds or less.
  • The unmanned aircraft must have a wingspan or rotor diameter no greater than 3 feet.
  • Flight shall be restricted over designated Park District sites only.
  • The attachment of anti-personnel devices (projectile, chemical, electrical, directed-energy, explosive, and firearm) is prohibited.
  • Flights must be below fifty (50) feet and remain clear of surrounding obstacles.
  • The operator must maintain a visual line of sight of the unmanned aircraft at all times with vision unaided by any device other than corrective lenses.
  • Flight is prohibited near or over people.
  • Flight is prohibited near or over animals.
  • Daylight operations only.
  • Careless or reckless operation is prohibited.
  • Operator and unmanned aircraft system must adhere to all Federal, State, local, and FAA regulations and laws.

PLEASE NOTE: unmanned aircraft systems being used for commercial purposes are not “recreational” and may not be used without a special permit issued by the Peoria Park District.  Approval for a special permit will be determined on a case by case basis.  Please call (309) 682-1200.