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Ice Skating – Adult

At the Peoria Park District, ice skating fun is not just for kids, but for adults too!  Whether you want to sharpen your skills or are learning to skate for the first time, the Park District has an adult ice skating class for you! Follow Owens Center on Facebook for the most up to date information on classes, leagues and programs.

***Open Skate schedule and tickets can be found HERE under Public Skate Schedule

Adult Skating Lessons

Looking for a new activity or challenge, want to play hockey or figure skate and do not know where to start? Come out and try our adult skating lessons and gain the fundamental skills needed to excel.  Parents, these classes are offered at the same time as our Skating Stars and Super Skates programs.  This is a great opportunity to learn at the same time as your kids!  Owens Center also offers a one-time only enrollment for a 4-week skating session for adults during our fall and spring sessions.
  • Skate rental is included.
  • Ages 16+.

Adult Jump & Spin

Learn the jumps, spins and connecting moves necessary for freestyle tests. This 10 level program takes skaters from beginner jump & spins to mastering an axel and having knowledge of all the spin positions. Prerequisite: Completion of Adult Level 10.
  • Ages 16+.
Clothing & Skates:

Warm, comfortable clothing with mittens/gloves and protective head gear or hats for young children is recommended. Adults additionally benefit from wrist guards and knee pads. Skate rental is included in the cost of your lessons. Skates should be your shoe size or one size larger. Wear one pair of thin socks.

  2. A minimum of 5 skaters is required for classes to be conducted.
  3. The Instructor to Participant Ratio is one instructor to 5-10 participants.
  4. Pro rates are only given for weeks 1-3 (during 8 week sessions).
  5. If you miss a class, there are NO MAKE-UP CLASSES.