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FPNC Trails & 100 Mile Hikers

What You Can do to Help Our Trails

PETS: The trails of Forest Park are regularly used by wildlife as well as people. The lingering scent of pets can discourage animals from denning near trails, thus making it difficult to see them or their tracks. Pets can also transmit parasites and disease. Therefore, please leave pets at home.

COLLECTING: Within the nature preserve, everything is protected by law. Your aid in maintaining the “untouched” quality of Forest Park will help us provide a pristine area for future generations to come.

TRAIL COURTESY: In our modern world, quiet and serenity are precious commodities. Help us maintain the special quality of our forest by refraining from loud talking and the use of radios. Litter also ruins the view for other hikers. Please dispose of it properly.

PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAIL: With over 80,000 visitors per year, Forest Park could sustain considerable impact from 160,000 feet! Everyone who steps off trails destroys plants. Please walk on designated trail surfaces only.

BIKES AND SKIS: Our trails are made specifically for foot travelers. For everyone’s safety, no bikes or skis, please.

Download a Trail Map

Forest Park Nature Center Trail Map
Become a Hundred Mile Hiker

Will your next hike at Forest Park Nature Center count towards a special incentive gift? Join our Hundred Mile Hiker Club and after completing 100 miles receive a special T-shirt, then register to receive an exclusive, fully embroidered Hundred Mile Hiker Patch at 250 miles. After completing 250 miles, you are eligible to register for 500 miles to receive a lapel pin. Registration fees are $15 and are payable at the Trailhead Nature Store.