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Parks on Tap

The Parks on Tap TapHouse is coming to a park near you this summer!

All events start at 4pm and conclude at dusk, approximately 9pm unless stated otherwise. Most stops also include food and entertainment. More information on these amenities coming soon!


2023 Schedule

  • Donovan Park, 5/21/2023:  2-5pm in conjunction with Friends of Donovan Park
  • Sommer Park North, 6/2/2023: 4pm-dusk
  • RiverFront Park, 6/8/2023: 4pm – dusk in conjunction with Park-A-Palooza
  • Glen Oak Park, 6/22/2023: 4pm – dusk
  • Bicycle Safety Town, 6/29/2023: 4pm-dusk
  • Cassidy Park, 7/13/2023: 4pm-dusk
  • Cassidy Park, 7/14/2023: 4pm-dusk
  • Grandview Drive, 7/23/2023: 11am-3pm
  • Stadium Park, 7/27/2023: 4pm – dusk
  • Markwoodlands Park, 8/11/2023: 4pm-dusk
  • Bradley Park, 8/17/2023: 4pm-dusk
  • Sommer Park North, 9/1/2023: 4pm-dusk
  • Lakeview Park,  9/7/2023: 4pm-dusk


Map of locations


In addition to the TapHouse, some stops include PPD on the Go! and/or Movies in the Park. For more information on those activities, please click below. (This information is coming soon!)




Watching this video from 2021

Thank you to Mike Rundle and Bushwhacker for letting us share this video of Parks on Tap from Bicycle Safety Town in 2021. 


Proceeds support:

Proceeds will go towards the Peoria Park District Legacy Fund which supports the long term preservation of our precious parks, green spaces, trails, and natural areas so that future generations can enjoy them.