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Historic Preservation and Resources

Peoria Park District Historic Preservation

The Park Board approved a Historic Preservation Ordinance in June 2007. The ordinance serves to protect those structures which provide significant examples of architectural styles of the past or are unique and irreplaceable assets of the Park District. It also extends to the protection, enhancement, perpetuation and use of cultural resources that are reminders of past eras, events, and persons important in local, state, or national history. CLICK HERE  to view this ordinance in its entirety.

Peoria Park District Historic Resources

The Peoria Park District’s Planning Committee compiled a list of Park District holdings that they recommended for inclusion in a register of Historic Resources. This list comes following Park Board approval of a Historic Preservation Ordinance in June 2007.  CLICK HERE to view the list in its entirety.

Nominate a Resource for Inclusion

Have an idea of another resource within the Park District that you feel should be included and protected?  CLICK HERE to download the application below and tell us about it!