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Baseball and basketball and pickleball, OH MY!  The Peoria Park District is proud to provide kids and adults the opportunity to learn and play many different sports.  We offer open gyms in various sports held throughout the District, including basketball and pickleball.  We also offer baseball and softball leagues for adults and children.  For more information about sports programs offered throughout the Peoria Park District, please click here!

Hockey – Youth

The Peoria Park District is the place to learn how to play hockey… check out our programming below!

Ice Skating – Adult

At the Peoria Park District, ice skating fun is not just for kids, but for adults too!  Whether you want to sharpen your skills or are learning to skate for the first time, the Park District has an adult ice skating class for you!

Ice Skating – Youth

Does your youngster love to be on the ice? The Peoria Park District offers numerous skating classes for children of various ages and skill levels!


If you are looking to play a sport that is good exercise and easy to learn, pickleball may be the answer!  The Peoria Park District provides a variety of indoor and outdoor opportunities to learn and play the game. Plus, pickleball is a great social outlet!  Pickleball is offered at Charter Oak Park, Lakeview Recreation Center, Owens Recreation Center (summer months only) and RiverPlex Recreation and Wellness Center.



Soccer – Adult

If you still dream of scoring that game winning goal, check out the adult soccer leagues offered at the Peoria Park District!

Soccer – Youth

Whether your child is 2 or 12, the Peoria Park District has a great soccer program available for them!

Our community’s health is a priority for us. We have put a number of health precautions in place to this seasion to keep you and your children safe. These include:

  • Limits on the number of spectators allowed at practices and scrimmages
  • Each family will have their own socially distant circles to sit in
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own soccer balls, in order to cut down on sharing equipment. (We will have soccer balls available for participants without access to their own.)
  • Coaches will carry hand sanitizer in their coaching bag for players to use. Each player is encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer as well.
  • There will be no “bench” this season. Any players not currently in the game will sit with their families in their socially distant circles.
  • Participants and coaches will be allowed to wear a mask if they choose.
  • Fields will be more spaced out than usual, to support social distancing.
  • We will not be playing games with other teams this fall. Instead, Park District teams will break into smaller squads and have scrimmages once each week.
  • Scrimmage times will be staggered and will include a 15-minute window in between sessions to allow teams to exit the field after their game without crossing paths with the incoming team.


Phone: 309.681.2866

There’s nothing soft about softball! Questions?  Contact Lester Hudson at the phone number or e-mail address listed above.

Tennis – Adult

The Peoria Park District “LOVE”s tennis… do you?

Tennis – Youth

If you have a young tennis player, you will love all of the “ace” youth tennis programs offered by the Peoria Park District!