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Donation Requests

The Peoria Park District’s Executive Office distributes and tracks all donations for complimentary coupons/tickets for all Park District facilities and programs.

Small quantities of coupons/passes may be donated, upon request, to the following types of non-profit organizations and fundraising events:

  • Non-profit organizations hosting fundraising events
  • Groups or individuals hosting benefits/fundraising events
  • Schools: for functions, fundraisers, or incentives

Please carefully review the Donation Request Guidelines to determine if your request is eligible for consideration.  If you meet the guideline criteria, please complete the Donation Request Form, at least four (4) weeks prior to the event or any set deadline, whichever comes first.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ONCE A DONATION REQUEST HAS BEEN FULFILLED, NO SUBSTITUTIONS WILL BE MADE.

If you are interested in purchasing additional admission tickets and/or golf rounds for your fundraising event, please contact our office at 309-681-2803 or email us at [email protected].

The Peoria Park District is vital to the health and well-being of the community we serve.  Public stewards of nearly 9,000 acres of park and greenspace and another 185 buildings.


We contribute to a healthy and vibrant Peoria community by responsibly using our District resources to offer high quality parks and recreation experiences to those who live, work and play in our District. ​


Building on our commitment to our PRAISE model for customer service, we agree to uphold the following values in our work.  We will be: 

Professional: well-trained and proficient at all levels of our organization.
Respectful: considerate of others and honest in our interactions.
Accountable: transparent and responsible for our decisions and their
impact on our District, our community, and the environment.
Innovative: open to new approaches that achieve better outcomes and
that make our District more sustainable for the future. Safe: proactive in
providing safe spaces and places for those who work and play in our District parks and facilities.
Safe: ​proactive in providing safe spaces and places for those who work and play in our District parks
and facilities.​
Equitable: focused on equitable access to parks, facilities, and programs that
promote healthy and active lifestyles across our diverse community.


We will be responsible stewards of all District resources.
We will focus on services that make the greatest impact.
We will create a culture that values and supports each other, those we serve and our community.​