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Peoria Park District COVID Mitigations


All PPD staff will be wearing masks when they cannot maintain physical distancing of at least 6 ft.


  • Camp staff will be wearing masks when they are unable to maintain physical distancing of at least 6 ft, which is in compliance with the IDPH guidelines.
  • Campers will be broken into cohort groups and will remain in those cohorts throughout their week at camp.  When campers are outside and able to maintain 3 ft of distance, campers will not need to wear masks.  When campers are indoors, they will need to continue to wear their masks.




Field Trips
  • Field trip participants are asked to wear masks when learning indoors.  Masks are not required outdoors if physical distancing of 3 ft is maintained AND participants stay within their cohort.


Mobile Recreation
  • Masks are not required when participating outdoors.


Programming at specific locations / organizations for outreach
  • We request that organizations follow IDPH guidelines during our visit.

Indoors: Masks required for unvaccinated participants

Outdoors: No masks required if physically distanced

*If PPD staff feels the outreach organization is not in compliance with this request, PPD staff may cancel scheduled programming upon arrival. 

**PPD staff will ask at time of scheduling outreach what safety procedures are in place in order to comply when on premise.


Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum
  • This facility falls under educational guidelines, which requires everyone in attendance/working to wear masks.


Peoria Zoo
  • Per current Illinois and CDC Guidelines, we kindly ask you to wear a mask if you are unvaccinated, or if you are unable to safely physically distance while you are visiting our buildings. Also, please wear your mask while visiting the Aussie Walk-About and Tropics building (since certain animal species are also susceptible to COVID).


Should you have any other questions regarding facility or program specific guidelines, please feel free to contact the facility directly or email us HERE with your specific question.