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Legacy Fund

Parks are powerful. When people have access to parks, recreational programs and to nature, their overall physical and psychological health improves. More than that, parks contribute to a healthy and thriving community.

For example, did you know:

  • That one acre of our Park District trees will absorb the carbon dioxide produced by driving a car 11,000 miles in a year?
  • That access to parks and recreation increases physical activity by 25% and reduces vandalism while offering positive alternatives to violence?
  • That one of the best things parks can do is to bring together diverse groups of people and increase connections that make us all better?

As we consider the critical need to preserve the important role parks play in our lives, and more importantly, on our future, we at Peoria Park District are committed to being the best possible steward of our public resources, and preserve them for those who live, work, and play in our community.

One way that our District is hoping to build a strong future is with the establishment of the Peoria Park District Legacy Fund.  This fund has been created to help provide some stability to our organization and to give members of our community a place to show their support for our work dedicated to providing the best possible parks and recreation opportunities to our citizenry.    The founding gift to this fund comes from the recent sale of Racoon Lakes and will help to ensure a long-term positive impact of that transition for our District.

We ask you to think about what kind of ancestor you want to be when it comes to parks and recreation.  Will you help us build a fund that can stand the ups and downs of property tax revenues or economic recessions? Will you help us build a fund that will help ensure that our commitment to the environment has a stable foundation? There has never a better time to make your mark and leave your legacy than today.  Please join us in preserving the future of our parks and our green spaces by making a gift today.