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Parks and Trails

Why Supporting the Parks and Trails within the Peoria Park District is Important

A gift to the Parks and Trails fund within the Peoria Park District is a gift to the community. As we have all experienced, 2020 has been a year that has made us all adapt and reinvent things. Parks have always been one of our greatest sanctuaries, but especially this year.

When gyms closed down, our parks and trails were there with open arms inviting you to rethink the way you work out, or just where you work out! Our trails saw more footprints and bike tire tracks than ever before.

When offices closed, our lawns and picnic tables became your offices, places to study, or escape from reality, and read a good book. As schools closed, our parks and trails became the classroom for your children where they not only learned academics, but they learned about the magic nature holds, something we so easily forget.

When you needed a safe escape from being inside, our open spaces, parks, and picnic tables became your movie theatre, your dinner table, your date night destination.


As a valued friend of the District, we know you appreciate the power of parks, the power of nature, and the power all have to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.


“The key to our mental health and creativity…..You have to go to a forest or park to find it.”


Studies have shown that when people have access to parks, their physical and psychological health improves, communities are united and strengthened, and crime rates can even be lowered.




The pandemic will some day end, but one thing that will remain, is that the parks and trails within the Peoria Park District will be here for you in whatever capacity you need them to be.

Thank you for considering a gift to celebrate and honor our parks and trails!

Let the magic of nature and time spent outside carry on.